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Contact Lenses

Our doctors are constantly updated on the latest contact lens technology and use the leading contact lens materials produced by innovative manufacturers. We are proud to prescribe contacts from a full range of suppliers (including Acuvue, Alcon, Cooper Vision and Bausch & Lomb), allowing us to suggest the best lens for you without restriction. Each patient is custom fit based on their lifestyle needs to be able to experience excellent comfort and optimal vision.

We carry a complete line of contact lenses including custom hard and soft lenses. Daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses are available depending on your personal needs, lifestyle and budget.

PRIMALĀ® Contact Lenses by LeSieur Inc. - just in time for Halloween!

Looking for that extra something to spice up your costume this year? Look no further than these gorgeous contact lenses from LeSieur Inc. Call us or come in to see the full range of stock available!

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How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost?

Many of our patients are surprised to find that our contact lens prices are extremely competitive with other providers, including online sites. We believe that the combination of comprehensive eye health services, and the finest quality of contact lenses our office provides, gives our patients unsurpassed care and assurance at a reasonable cost. We also offer rebate deals direct from manufacturers, providing you with further savings. We offer direct billing for contact lens orders.

For more information about our contacts or to place an order with us, please give us a call or send us an e-mail

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