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Our practice proudly serves Greater Vancouver with a tradition of quality service and dedicated staff.

We can even help you decide if laser surgery is right for you!

"Did you know the eye is the only organ we can see blood vessels and other structure linked to the general body health ?"

This allows our doctors to detect many serious health conditions including: diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disorders, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, tumors and even cancer! The eye exam is really a window into your overall health and well-being.

Our Professionals

"Dr. Wayne Yip is the primary Optometrist here at Performance Vision EyeCare.
Dr. Yip attended the University of Waterloo for his undergraduate program and then graduated from the prestigious New England College of Optometry in 2014; he has been working in British Columbia since then. Aside from primary care, with his over a decade of experience in providing comprehensive care, Dr. Yip has developed a keen interest in specialized contact lenses for the treatment of corneal conditions and dystrophies such as keratoconus, post refractive surgery complications, and severe chronic dry eye. In addition, Dr. Yip has personal experience and can especially relate to patients with complicated prescriptions due to his own high myopia."

We’ve been Proudly Rocking the Rainbow since the 1700’s

Newton's Rainbow. In the 1660s, English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton began a series of experiments with sunlight and prisms. He demonstrated that clear white light was composed of seven visible colors.

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