1. How often should you get your eyes checked?

An annual eye exam is recommended by the College of Optometrists for proper eye health and vision care.
The eye is the only organ which allows the view to the blood vessels and other structures linked to the general body health.
Our doctors are able to detect many serious health conditions including: diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disorders, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, tumours and even cancer.
You may have benefits through your employer or insurance provider that covers eye care related expenses. We can help you with it!

2. What age should I get my child’s eye exams done?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends a complete eye exam for kids starting at 6 months of age, then at 3 years old and again prior to starting kindergarten.
Yearly eye exams are recommended throughout their school years.
Comprehensive eye exams will ensure not only proper vision and eye health, but also accurate development of eye teaming skills, depth perception, and eye movement skills. These are all vital for proper learning since most of a child’s learning is based on vision.
A BC Care Card will cover a portion of the eye exams yearly until the age of 19.
Please call us at +1 604 689 9962 or email us at info@pveyecare.ca for more information.

3. How do I choose the right pair of glasses?

The first decision is wheather you like your new eye wear to be minimalist or conservative, or bold and eye catching. Metal frames are more subtle, and plastic frames tend to be more attention grabbing. Every major fashion designer has an eye wear line so there are many options of colour combinations and shapes to choose from.
Faces can be categorized in 6 shapes: Oval, Base up or down Triangle, Square, Diamond, and Round. Generally, the best way to choose a shape is to go opposite of your face shape. If you have a round face, rectangle frames are better suited to balance your look. For women, an up swept or cat eye is usually flattering. For colours, a tortoise shell brown or simple black is the most versatile and easy to dress up or dress down with. A lot of new frames pair a subtle colour on the front with sharp accent colours to give you a frame that is neutral but not boring!
The other part of the equation is what prescription you need. Not all frames are suited for all lens types. This is where you would rely on the expertise of the optician. They will explain the pros and cons of picking various frame and lens combinations. The possibilities are endless! For more information, come in today (we’re open 6 days/week) and we will go over all of your options to best meet your needs.

4. Are sunglasses just for fashion or are they necessary?

They are necessary; Here is an excerpt from the Vancouver Coastal Health Region Institute:
Intense, focused sunlight induces heat at the focal point. In the eye, the optics of the lens/cornea focuses light (and hence heat) on the retina (the light sensitive part of the eye that converts light into electrical signals that are passed onto the brain). If the heat generated is excessive then cells in the retina will be killed off.
The most important factor is ultraviolet protection since longer wavelength light tends to get to the retina more easily. So especially look for UVA and UVB blocking lenses. If you intend to drive or sail, consider polarized lenses which are especially good at filtering side-glare. Colour is important as well, with grey, green or brown lenses causing the least colour distortion.
Good UV filtration does not necessarily require an expensive pair of sunglasses and alternatively, an expensive pair is no guarantee of good UV protection.
When buying a pair of Sunglasses consider these factors and keep in mind the quality of the lens and frame is important.
For more information and to experience our selection of 250+ sunglasses, come by and see us! We are open 6 days a week.

5. Why Buy Contact Lenses In-Store vs Online?

  • • Price Match with any Competitor
  • • Rebates up to $200 not available online
  • • Full 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • • Direct Billing to your Benefits Plan or Insurance Provider
  • • Just look at our Google Reviews!
  • • Free Trial Contacts Available Today
  • • Convenient Hours for Pick Up (late evenings or even weekends)
  • • Free shipping available (*based on quantity)
  • • Order by phone: 604 689 9962 or Email 24/7:info@pveyecare.ca

6. How can I reduce eye strain and redness from working on computer screens including my tablet and phone all day?

It is likely you are suffering from digital eye fatigue. It is advised that every hour or so, spend a couple of minutes focusing on objects far away, perform various blinking exercises, or just get up and stretch your legs. Vitamins such as lutein, beta-carotine, and omega 3 are also helpful.
In addition, the blue light emitted from these devices can also contribute to strain. There is new lens technology that targets this. They are referred to as “anti- fatigue” lenses. These lenses help reduce eye irritability, redness, and fatigue to heavy computer users (6 hours+ per day) by having a custom calculated prescription and a special coating to filter out the blue light that also allows the light to pass through without causing glare. These coatings can now be applied to ANY lens we currently carry.
If you are in your late 30’s, or early 40’s, you may be an ideal candidate for computer glasses. These glasses enhance your vision in your closest surroundings. You don’t have to use a computer to benefit from computer glasses. Anyone that works, or has hobbies, that use their hands would benefit from a dedicated pair of “mid-range” eyewear. This would also apply to any musicians in order to help them see their sheet music more clearly with less effort.
The best advice would be to come into Performance Vision Eye Care so we can fully assess your situation, and give you recommendations based on your individual needs.

7. Do we do direct billing?

Yes we can!
We work with all these companies and more.
We can even pre-determine your benefits before you book your exam.

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